How thick are som shoes sole?

Leather sole boards are normally purchased as 3.5 mm-4mm, 4mm- 4.5mm, 4.5mm- 5mm, 5.5 mm-6 mm, or 6mm+The first surprise when you try SOM Footwear will be its lightweight. You will then notice that there is more room for the toes than most shoes on the market. And therefore the shoe is very comfortable.

SOM shoes sole are casual shoes designed for versatility and multiple uses. A roomy toe box and flexible zero-drop sole provide balance and stability so users can do it all. Whether it’s running, biking, hiking, dancing, fencing, CrossFit, street performance, parkour, capoeira, traveling, working out, walking the dog, running errands, or a night out on the town, SOM shoes sole are perfect for you. 

Olivier Marchal:

Oliver Marshall found that running barefoot helped relieve his back pain. Now his Colorado company sells barefoot-inspired shoes to help keep more players in the sport.

For Oliver Marshall, an avid runner and outdoorsman, the pain he endured from miles of running and hiking was unintentional. He eventually developed back problems that became so severe. He had to undergo back surgery at the age of 35.

Oliver Markle and Nathalie Bouchard. S.O.M:

“Every time we went out for a run, my back hurt the next day,” Marshall recalled in an interview. “I thought it was because of my running and shooting, and eventually I stopped running because of it.”

But with a simple twist of fate and the help of his wife Nathalie Bouchard, Markle could not only forgo surgery, but the “benefits” included sharing orthopedic fitness secrets when the couple launched SOM Footwear.

The soles of the shoes are flat without cushioning. They are 8mm thick from toe to heel and are made of polyurethane to protect the bottom of the foot from the impact of rough surfaces.

SOM shoes are not only marketed as running shoes but are designed for everyday use, whether walking, hiking, or running. Typical consumers of SOM shoes are men between the ages of 25 and 44.

“Most seniors are very concerned about finding shoes that don’t squeeze their toes, and many suffer from foot problems such as bunions, tight toes and bunions,” Marshall said. Marshall said. “Our shoes seem to help. I’m not a doctor, but if our shoes help them, that’s great.”

Are SOM shoes an “approach” shoe?

Hiking in volcanic terrain can trigger an inner monotony that can be overwhelming, especially when starting early at night. A trip may not answer all the questions, but it can provide you with 8 to 10 hours of fun and some interesting conversations with your climbing partner. The outcome of determining whether SOM shoes are accessible shoes will also depend on you!

Is SOM Footwear a running shoe?

 More than 20 million runners cross the finish line every year, but we still can’t define what a running shoe is.

 So basically it depends on you in which shoes you’re comfortable.

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